Welcome to my Amiga site!

Here you will find my Amiga doings. Hope you have fun and enjoy some of the stuff here ;)

I love to rock with Paula and 3D moddeling with Lisa.

H.R. Giger Noise & SlideShow (A1200)
H.R. Giger Disk 1 of 2 - ADF
H.R. Giger Disk 2 of 2 - ADF

Olsen-Banden Music & SlideShow Tribute (A1200)
OlsenBanden Disk 1 of 2 - ADF
OlsenBanden Disk 2 of 2 - ADF

Blade Runner Theme Noise & GFX (A1200)
Blade Runner Theme - ADF

Poltergeist Noise & GFX (A1200)
Poltergeist Disk 1 of 2 - ADF
Poltergeist Disk 2 of 2 - ADF

Pixelation Stage 1 (A1200)
Pixelation Stage 1 - ADF

Here She Comes Now (249kb mod file)

Neighbourhood (Small fun AMOS demo)

Raspbian Caffeine (XM module done on the Pi using Milky Tracker)
Raspbian Caffeine.xm

Robot Invasion (555kb mod file)

Where Did You Sleep (51kb mod file)

Amiga Demo Scene application for Android phones
With this application you will always have a big database of the best Amiga demos released through the Commodore Amiga era.

You can watch the Amiga demos everywhere. In the train, on the beach, at home and even on another planet if your smartphone can reach that far.

This application is free of use but donations are very much appreciated, thanks!
Amiga Demo Scene II